Megha Bansal is a luxury Indian couture brand, inspired by the imperfections of the ordinary.  It has always been an inherent part of the brand’s ideology to produce garments with utmost unique techniques and practices, which makes us stand out in the Indian couture pursuit.

Born out of peculiarity by Megha Bansal, with an idea to celebrate the amalgamation of rich ancient past with a contemporary approach. What led to the inception of the label was her passion to bring and create something new, the need of slow fashion and adding a new dimension to the Indian couture market. Megha's philosophy is about creating garments which have Indian craftsmanship engineered with modern silhouettes and celebrate the rich Indian heritage in the most versatile form.

She sharpened her skills at London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins and further worked at some top couturiers across the world. She has always extended her artistic skills into the designs. 
Megha Bansal is about creating classic yet contemporary pieces, using indigenous textiles and crafts, The clothing we make is something that can endure the different virtues of time, is timeless, carries a cultural sensibility and is impeccably hand made.

The brand's strength lies in its ideology, “Celebrate your clothes. Celebrate the being in you.” as we cater to people from all walks of life.